Improving the capacity of primary industries to withstand cyclonic winds

Cyclones across northern Australia have caused hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of damage to tropical primary industries over the past several decades. Industries affected include the tropical tree crop industries (e.g. banana, lychee, rambutan, durian, mangosteen, jackfruit, macadamia and avocado), the forestry industry (e.g. eucalypt, pine and teak) and animal-based industries (e.g. beef, dairy, pork, chicken and aquaculture).

Without significant changes to production practices, the threat of increasing cyclonic activity as a result of climate change places the economic viability of these primary industries, the employment opportunities and the rural communities they support in jeopardy. This research project has identified a number of production practices that can be implemented by producers to mitigate the damage caused by cyclonic winds to their farming enterprises.

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