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Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

We protect Australia’s natural resources, agriculture and precious way of life. For today and for future generations.

We deliver policies and programs for a strong economy and a healthy environment. We: drive strong and sustainable agricultural industries; manage our unique environment and heritage;  support our regional communities. We are informed by science. We are innovative and collaborative. We look to the future.

Our role is diverse and far reaching. We work across the breadth of our vast and valuable resources. On the land and water and in towns and cities. We: assure our clean and green status by keeping pests and diseases out of Australia; protect and sustainably manage Australia’s biodiversity, ecosystems and heritage; prepare and coordinate our response to outbreaks of pests, diseases and weeds; provide data and analysis on agriculture and the environment; support sustainable natural resource management; establish and manage Commonwealth protected areas; maintain and secure new markets for Australia’s agricultural exports.

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