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Managing a variable climate

Climate variability usually refers to the season-to-season variability that has long been discussed in Australian agriculture. This variability is innate to the Australian environment. And now, climate change means that in some regions, the dry years are becoming drier and the wet years are becoming less frequent. Managing water resources under a changing climate and burgeoning population requires innovative and realistic solutions that are different to those that have worked in the past.* Climate change poses challenges for all sectors of the Australian economy but particularly for those sectors dependent on natural resources, such as agriculture.

The Climate and Carbon in Agriculture Conference 2020, to be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre on 31 March to 1 April, will tackle some of the biggest issues currently facing agriculture and arm attendees with the latest climate related information and adaptation strategies for the primary production sectors. It provides the chance for producers and businesses to see the full range of critical climate issues currently impacting their livelihoods.

The conference program features a mix of plenary and concurrent sessions, allowing participants to deep dive into a range of topics that aim to highlight agriculture as an industry that can be part of the solution for addressing climate change.

The conference will address a range of strategies that can be implemented to manage ongoing climate variability. These include, mitigation, adaptation, research & development and communications.

Whilst mitigation and adaptation are key, it is not all about managing downside associated with a changing climate. Conference keynote speaker, Professor Mark Howden, Director of the Climate Change Institute at the Australian National University and a Vice Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is clear in his view that farmers should be looking to capitalise on the opportunities that climate change brings.

Anyone with an interest in how agriculture will survive, and thrive, in a changing climate are encouraged to attend the Conference. Producers are able to take advantage of a discounted rate to register to be part of this leading conference and place themselves and their businesses at the forefront of managing a variable climate.








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